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    LED Measurement System and Equipment

    LED Test Equipment Provider

    Withlight Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise of measurement devices to measure the various properties of LED (Light Emitting Diode), OLED, PD, LD, Display and other common light sources and manufactures and sells more than 30 kinds of measurement system and measurement equipment; especially, Withlight has pride as the top technology leading company in LED measurement system in the country. Based on accumulated rich knowledge on machinery, electronics, optics, software and commercialization capability, Withlight has realized customer satisfaction in light and semiconductor device measurement area and continues its step to provide best services as a leading LED measurement equipment company in the world.

    LED Measurement System |  LED Measurement Equipment | LED Test Equipment
    Withlight suggests the solution to the requests on optical measurement which may be raised in various manufacture and research environment to accomplish the company philoshphy - "Withlight Co., Ltd intends to be the best knowledge enterprise in the optical measurement area and improve the customer competitiveness." Withlight will pour our energy to be the most experienced company in light measurement and will supply world best quality measurement equipment into the world market.

    We have been supplying various measurement system and equipment such as LED Lighting test equipment, LED thermal test equipment, chip counter, LED EL test equipment, illumination test equipment, solar cell test equipment, photodiode test equipment, integrating sphere system, goniophotometer, mirror goniometer, goniometer system, LED reliability test, etc. to most of major companies and research institutes in domestic market and enjoying good reputation from customers.

    Withlight's LED test equipment is delivered to almost all the fields requiring LED test equipment such as domestic large enterprises and research institutes and are favorable commented by relate engineers; Withlight collects customers' opinions and introduces new products through participation in domestic/overseas exhibition such as LED EXPO every year.

    Withlight is realizing the vision of a Christian missionary enterprise through the donation of some of its profit every your to support social and missionary expenses.