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      OPI-305 Goniophotometer is one touch method and easy to measure directional angle and luminous intensity
      for various LED and it is convenient to edit measurement result. Goniophotometer is equipped
      with power supplier for LED and additional power supplier is also available
    • One touch Method
    • Luminous intensity and added directional angle measurement function
    • Adapter(Socket assembly) for various LED/OLED
    • Range for measurement angle and step angle and average time are selectable
    • Gap angle (directional angle) for desired position is calculated (Example, 75%, 50%, 25%)
    • Measurement within 30 seconds; shortening time depending on area and set up condition
    • Multiple measurement for several samples by z-axis angle
    • Built-in power supplier for LEDA), and additional power supplier is also available
    • Measurement mode of CIE (Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage;)
    • Correction by certified specimen from Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
    • Accurate light discharging and intensity of illumination (less than 0.1 degree in angle resolving power: option)
    • 2-dimensional measurement (left-right) and 3-dimensional measurement of light discharging
        by rotating luminous axis using step motor
    • Measurement of angle up to +135~ -135 (360 of rotation is mechanically possible)
    • Maximum rotation angle for luminous axis is 360 degree.
    • Excellent position accuracy and repeatability, and low noise, rapid measurement
    • It's possible to measure High Power LED by equipping with temperature controller (Medium-sized gonio specification)
    • It is able to measure optical and electrical characteristics depending in LED emis-sion angle
         by connecting with LEOS(Spectrometer)
    •  -Optical characteristics : Wp, Wd, Iv, Ie, Cx, Cy, FWHM, CCT, CRI, Optical Efficacy
    •  -Electrical characteristics : Ir, Vr, If, Vf, L-I-V Sweep Curve
    • other integrating sphere system-connected measurement items : V, e
    • Its sensor parts can be equipped with various meters
        [Spectral and radiation meter, brightness meter and luminous intensity meter (Option)]
    • Text and graph-typed measurement result, filtering and editing of measured date
    • Storing measurement results to Excel(*,CSV), Text and picture file (BMP), and support for IES format.
    • Various reporting formats - Deleting/Adding a specific measurement date
    • Luminous distribution can be expressed by 2, 3-dimensional graphs and data lists by analyzing,
        summarizing and overlaying measured date