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    • opi-530
    • It automatically performs all measurement conditions set for temperature, luminous, electricity serially only by one click
    • Category of laser diodes to be possibly measured: DIL(Dual in Line), Mini-DIL, 13-pin/14-pin Butterfly, 20-pin/26-pin
    • Measurement items - Total spectrum pulse for laser diode
    •  - Environment and temperature for LD/Measurement
    •  - Supply current, luminous intensity and internal current value for PD
    •  - Supplying bias value for internal PD / Measurement, storing PD gain and Offset in PD
    •  - LD Peak Pluse, Current/Voltage/Measuring position of Kink which is
    •  - Slope Efficiency, Threshold, Driving voltage graph depending on current increase, 1st differential graph, luminious
         intensity graph, internal PD current graph, Sweep graph
    • Slow Current Increment / Decrement functions for preventing damages due to surge current in LD package
    • ֺ µ  LD L-I-V Ư
    • It is able to measure optical / electrical characteristics for sample by changing temperature between 0 ~ 80
         [Temperature resolving power:0.01]
    • Current supplying and measurement is available for up to 5A(for 2440)
    • It uses 2 inch integrating sphere system for LD optical input and LD mount for controling LD package temperature and
         power supplying
    • PD
    • It uses PD color correction index in order to get exact reaction value for PD by finding exact color range of LD in connection
         with Spectrum Analyser
    • R&D, ŷڼ
    • Current - voltage - Luminous sweep measurement
    • It is possible to measure objects for R&D immediately using Front Panel mode
    • Measurement for optical / electrical characteristics depending on temperature
    • Various power supply and measurement ranges are selectable using Keithley Sourcemeter
    • Various custom - tailored adaptors
    • Special functions can be added based on customer request (option)
    • Story Mode
    • This mode stores various measurement conditions on custom based making it possible to measure various LD package.
    • Various temperature conditions are stored, and measurement is performed on those conditions.
    • Measurement result can be stored as CSV and other formats, and this function is able to export the result by Excel, and
         thus generate reports by integrating data on Excel template based on user requirement
    • It is able to edit location of measurement items by fitting various items to template
    • Providing standard measurement mode of International Commission on Illumination and KS
    • Correction agent of Korea Reserch Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) (Optional)
    •   İ
    • User oriented setup and user guide
    • Software development based on customer requirement
    • Providing new measurement method and information via LED standard consortium and International Commission on
         Illumination and Luminous intensity measurement club activities
    • Rapid A/S
    • Support for JIG to help various sample measurement
    • Specifications
      Voltage Range 0.2V ~ 40V
      Current Range 10A to 5A,(2440 Only)
      Control Temperature 0 to + 80 Resolution 0.005
      Sweep Measure Speed
      Resolution : 1fA
      Source/Sink Limit 10.5V @ 5025A, 42V @ 1.05A(:2440)
      Dimension 1,170mm(W)x1,022mm(D)x1,367mm(H)