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      LED EL Test System OPI-175 is for measuring both electrical and optical characteristics of LED epi wafer
      LED EL Test
    • Measuring Electroluminescence for LED epi wafer
    • Measuring light emission for upper / lower wafer using glass, measurement sensors in upper and lower area.
    • It enables wafer to be moved to xyz direction using knobs considering covenience for contact work and productivity as
         much as possible.
    • Luminous header has exact photo-deteciting power using 2 inch's Lamp Measurement System
    • Improving precision of measurement by using both Luminous intensity meter and spectrometer simultaneously
    • Providing software environment considering user's convenience as much as possible
    • Optical characteristics measurement items
    •  - Spectral characteristics: peak wavelength, primary wavelength, medium wavelength, central wavelength, Full Width Half
          Max, color coordinate, color purity, color temperature, Color rendering index
    •  - Intensity of radiation: Luminous intensity, intensity radiation
    • Electrical characteristics measurement items
         Forward current, backward voltage, backward current and backward voltage
    • Sweep measurement
        Current-voltage, Voltage-current, Current-luminous characteristics
    • Measurement for spectral characteristics using high sensitivity, high resolution spectrometer
    • It uses Integrating Sphere System-typed input photometer and spectrometer for exact and stable Luminous intensity by
         correcting color of PD on real time basis.
    • Current supply for measuring electrical characteristics using high speed and high precision sourcmeter is allowed up to 1A
    • Sweep measurement : current-voltage, voltage-current, current-light
    • Various spectral areas(UV, UV-VIS, VIS, VIS-IR)are selectable
    • Various power supplies (voltage and current) using Keithley2400 Sourcemeter and measurement ranges are selectable
    • Special functions can be added based on customer requirement(optional)
    • Intuitively recognizing measurement resul
         It displays measured spectrum. color coordinate and measurement result list
         Summarized Graph display for each measurement item Mapping display
    • Setting various conditions
         User selection for optical and electrical characteristic item
         Sweep measurement set up
    • Grade set up function
    • Individual or total value storing for measured value in upper/lower sensor
    • Measured date is stored (CSV file) so that variations is measurement for optical / electrical characteristic are intuitively
    • For managing measurement conditions, they can be stored of retrieved from project file
    • Providing standard measurement mode of International Commission on Illumination and KS
    • Use of PD which is poven to have relative spectral sensitivity efficiency by korea Reserch Institute of Standards and Science
    • Correction by standard lamp and LED which is retroactive from Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
    • Correction agent of Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) (Optional)
    • User-centric setup and user guide
    • Software development based on customer requiirement
    • Providing new measurement method and information via LED standard consortium and Internationl Commission on Illumination
         and Luminous intensity measurement club activities
    • Rapid A/S
    • Support for JIG to help various sample measurement
    • Specifications
      Voltage Range
      1 ~ 105V
      Current Range
      100pA to 3.5A. 10A(Pulse Only)
      Setting Temperature 9K to 390K Resolution 0.1
      PD Temperature
      Choice of 20 to 30. fixing
      350 to 830nm, 2048 CCD array type
      Optical Head
      50mm Integrating Sphere
      380 to 950nm, 10 Area
      2,400mm(W) x 1,200mm(D) x 1,800mm(H)