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    • opi-220
    • ī޶ б

    •   FPD Ư
    • Targeted object : LED BLU. CCFL BLU. LCD Module,. OLED module, PDP, and sample size is allowed to be maximum
         62 inch
      Measurement items : brightness, chromaticity, color temperature, peak wavelength, primary wavelength, full width half
         max and color rendering index Color reproductivity, flicker rate, exactness for measuring reaction speed(optional) :
         wavelength 3%, chromaticity 0.002
      Measurement speed : moving 0.1 second, measurement 0.1 second, it takes 4 minutes based on 1.000 points
      Measurement method : Semi-automatic sample loading, position detection by vision, and then measuring it by spectral
         and brightness-meter
      Characteristics : Fof measuring BLU consisting of RGB LED, it measures and analyze all optical characteristics for LED
         and white mixed with 3 color (Patent)
      Exact color collection and high reliable brightness measurement by integrating sphere system-typed input photometer
         and Luminous intensity meter.
    •  - High speed and low noise by clean room-typed linear motor
    •  - It is best optimized for measuring LED BLU and display

    • Ư
    • High sensitivity, high resolustion spectral and brightness meter(TE cooled 2048 CCD Sensor)
    • High reliable optical measurement using 2 inchs integrating sphere system-typed photo-detecting header and Luminous
         intensity meter and spectrometer simultaneously.
    • Correct and high repeatable brightness measurement by color correcting luminous power meter on real time basis using
    • Implementing standard measurement angle and distance using zoom lens

    ,   X-Y-Z κ

    •  帧Use of high speed and low noise linear motor necessary for clean
    • Minimizing measurement error due to position error as it moves to
         exact measurement point usign vision system
    • It measures height of measured module using height sensors, and
         moves photo detecting header to standard position for measurement
    • Various samples photo detecting header to standard position for
    • Semi-automatic sample supply
    • Blocking surrounding lights by maintaining dark room for
         measurement area.

    •  پ  ϴ Ʈ
    •  ȭ
      óȭ, Rank
      • User can freely select and edit measurement items
      • User friendly environments which enable enable users
           intuitively recognize measurement process and its results
           (Spectrum, color coordinate, current position and map)
      • Display divided share if measurement value for R,G,B,W
      • Various motion mode
      • Recognition of measurement point by vision
      • Recognition measurement position by users coordinate file
      • Recognition measurement position by users setting
           (4, 5, 9, 16 points, etc)
      • Measured data is stored (CSV fofmat) so that the contents
           of sample can be recognized.
      • Strong total contents for each items / Storing spectrum for
           each sample / Storing contents of RGB in sample
      • Customized report generation and storing using template of
      • Displaying overall distribution via map and data screen
      • Grade setup and statistical processing and calculation of

    • Ȯϰ

    •  ϵ ȭ, ֵ 3D Mapping

      • Providing standard measurement mode of International Commission
           on Illumination and KS
      • Correction by standard lamp and LED which is retroactive from
           Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
      • Correction agent of Korea Research Institute of Standards and
           Science (KRISS) (Optional)

    •   İ

    • ǥ, ޼    Ư  ׷ ȭ

      • User-centric setup and user guide
      •  - Software development based on customer requirement
      •  - Providing new measurement method and information via LED
           standard consortium an International Commission on Illumination
           and Luminous intensity measurement club activities
      •  - Rapid A/S



      400 to 900nm, TE cooled 2048 CCD array type


      380 to 950nm, 10 Area

      Robot System

      X-Y-Z Robot, Linear Motor, Resolution 1

      PD Temperature


      Max Sample size

      52 inch

      Measurement Speed

      0.1 sec / point

      Movement Speed

      0.1 sec / point

      Vision system

      CCD camera


      3,950mm(W) x 1,660mm(D) x 1,827mm(H)