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    • Bar-typed LED Array Module
         (LED Array for BLU, LED Array for fluorescent lamp, decorative illumination LED Array for sighboard)

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    • brightness, color coordinate, Color rendering index, peak wavelength, primary wavelength, Full Width Half Max,
         spectrum and etc.


    • o.3 second / measurement point (50 point LED array : 15 seconds)

    • Judgment for conformity by evaluating brightness and uniformity for chromaticity and total intensity of radiation

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    • support sample jig for various samples
    • High accuracy and precision measurement using superior spectrometer
    • Easy to load sample and one touch sample loading
    • Rapid measurement using low noise and high speed motor
    • Accurate position recognition of sample using vision camera (option)
    • Equipped with approaching sensor for safety of operators
    • Automatic measurement and storing measured data
    • Support for user-friendly software environment