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    • opi-770
    • 11m dector stage, FPD sample ġ
    • α׷ ȭ
    • LED devices, modules, lamps, and VMS modules
    • Luminous power : illuminance, luminance and luminance intensity
    • ׸
    • Spectral characteristics : Peak wavelength, Medium wavelength, Center wavelength, Primary wavelength, Full Width Half
          Max, CIE1931 Color coordinate, CIE1976 Color coordinate, Correlated color temperature, Color rendering index.
          (Color Gammut)
    • Specification
      Spectral Range 350~780mm
      Spectral Resolution 0.2nm
      Data Point Interval 0.05nm
      Wavelength accuracy 0.1nm
      Wavelength reproducibility 0.05nm
      Scan time 10~100msec/nm
      Focal Length 320mm, f/4.6
      PC Interface Standard RS-232 & R5-485
      Integrating Sphere 450mm dia.
      Flatness accuracy > 0.1mm
      Max, Sample Weight 80kg
      Optical Rail 1,300mm
      DUT jig size Max. 1,500mm x 1,500mm
      Dimension 4,200mm[W] x 15,730mm[L] x 2,740mm[H]
      Power requrements 220V, 50/60Hz