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    • opi-200
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    • Measurement fof spectrum in LED, Sun light and other general light source
    • Architectural illumination
    • It analyzes radiation intensity, luminous intensity, color intensity, color temperature.
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    • It measures optical characteristics by one click
    • High sensitivity, High resolution spectrometer
    •   - Peak wavelength, primary wavelength, Full Width Half Max, color coordinate
    •   - Photo-synthetic effective radiation : PPF(umol/m^2*sec) Umit conversion
    • It is easily connected to integrating sphere system and directional angle meter
    •   - Integrated measurement for total luminous flux and luminous intensity depending on directional angle
    • Specifications Source Range Measurement
      Range Accurace Resolution
        1:0~1A/10A 350~830nm 0.3nm 1.0nm
        d 1:0~1A/10A 380~780nm 0.3nm 1.0nm
        lv 1:0~1A/10A 10~10000mcd 5% 0.1mcd
        le 1:0~1A/10A 0.05~100mW/sr 5% 0.1W/sr
        Cx, Cy 1:0~1A/10A 0~0.7 0.002 0.001
        Hw 1:0~1A/10A 1~1050 0.3nm 1.0nm
        v 1:0~1A/10A 0.01~100lm 5% 0.001lm
        e 1:0~1A/10A 50W~10W 5% 1w
      Applications CCT[Tc], CRI[Ra], Optical Efficacy[K]
      Spectrum ranage

      UV, UV~Visible, Visible~IR, IR, UV~IR[Selectable]

      Optical Power 0.1mcd~100cd[Selectable]
      Rank Max.256Bin
      Interface Paralle[]/RS-232[]/GPIB[Optional]
      Data Format Excel[*, CSV]/TEXT/IMAGE[BMP]
      POWER 100~230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      Operating Temperature/Humidity 5~40/Less than 95% realtive, non-condensing
      Dimension 160mm[W] x 260mm[D] x 130mm[H]