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      OPI-3000 LED Reliability Test Equipment is able to measure automatically properties using constant
      temperature chamber for the reliability property of high power LED package and LED module without manual measurement.
      LED reliability test : measure the property in 30 second(user set) intervals repetition.
      LED Reliability Test
    • ŷڼ
    • durability test : change a temperature RT to 85 and measure the property of samples
    • Accelerated Life Tests : set the current and temperature on accelerated condition and measure the property of samples
          with time
    • reliability test : measuer the property In 30 second(user set) intervals repetition
    • initially optical property and luminous flux maintenance ratio : measure the property at room temperature with time
    • ׸
    • optical power property : luminance
    • electrical property : current cunsumption, voltage cunsumption,power cunsumption
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