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    1M Integrating Sphere System OPI-1100  

    Optical and electrical characteristics measurement for lighting and module

    • Key Features
    •                  Accurate measurement

      ㆍHigher than reflection rate of 97% (Visible)
      ㆍf1’<1.5% Class L in inaccuracy
      ㆍCorrection of color error using Color Correction Filter
      ㆍThermo-Stabilization Control: 30℃
      ㆍRapid integration time of 5 ~65,000msec
      ㆍUse of lamp power of 3000 watt
      ㆍLower than diffusion light of 0.05% at 600nm
      ㆍTE cooled 2048 element linear silicon CCD array
      ㆍ Detector is equipped, Improving internal absorption
      rate using auxiliary lamp and power supply