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    0.5m + 2M Integrating Sphere System OPI-1200  

    Optical and electrical characteristics measurement for package and lighting

    • Key Features

    • Custom-tailored production is available

      ㆍ Producing various integrating sphere systems with size of
          30cm ~ 2m
      ㆍAluminum appearance and internal coating with Barium sulfate
      ㆍNumber of ports is selectable based on customer requirement

      Measurement items

      ㆍ Spectral characteristics: Peak wavelength, Medium wavelength,
      Center wavelength, Primary wavelength, Full Width Half
      Max, CIE1931 Color coordinate, CIE1976 Color coordinate,
      Correlated color temperature, Color rendering index
      ㆍ Luminous intensity: Total luminous flux, total radiant flux and
      luminous efficiency
      ㆍ Electrical characteristics: Forward current, forward voltage and
      power consumption