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    Simultaneously measuring optical and electrical properties of circular and panel type LED lamp. User friendly interface for mass-production line.

    • Easy and simple measurement for various items, User Interface
    • Measure optical properties using spectrometer.

    • - Measure Peak/Dominant Wavelength, Half width, color coordinate, velocity of light, radiant fl

    • ux, Correlated color temperature, Color rendering index, optical efficiency, etc.

    • Measure electrical property using DMM.

    • - Measure voltage, current, power, power factor, etc.

    • Immediate measurement by selecting a model without having to set up.

    • - Pre-set up of all measurement conditions for each model. Easy and simple measurement of

    • various models, User Interface .

    • - Set up pass/failure conditions for each measurement item.

    • Can be applied to mass-production line
    • Measure various types of circular and panel type of LED lamp.

    • - Measure MR type, and PAR type. (Replaceable JIG)

    • Support customized JIG for rapid measurement.

    • Simultaneous measurement of optical properties/Electrical property by one click.

    • Judgment function. (PASS/FAIL)

    • Accurate and stable measurement
    • Correction using Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science certified standard lamp and LED.

    • Proxy for Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS) correction certification (Optional)