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    POB Tester

    • Key features
    •             measurement screen

      It is able to measure electrical characteristics for
      PD (Photo Diode) depending temperature variations.
      OPI-500 can be operated up to 85℃ with accuracy of 0.1℃

      ㆍ Dark Current / Capacitance measurement
      ㆍ V-I Sweep / V-C Sweep measurement
      ㆍ Temperature dependency measurement for PD
      ㆍ Accurate and reliable measurement value using
      Keithley meter
      ㆍ Simultaneous measurement of up to 15 samples by
      high precision switching system
      ㆍ Accurate and rapid temperature control by water-cooling-
      type TEC(Normal temp ~ 85℃)
      ㆍ Reduced and lowed noise by water cooling TEC
      ㆍ Easy-to-use measurement JIG
      ㆍ Optimized interface for user’s convenience
      ㆍ Various measurement condition, Data storing and output
      function for various format (Excel, Text)
      ㆍ Reporting formats based on requirement of users